Threats to Liberty, Agorism & the Future of the Libertarian Movement by Tom Palmer and Tyler Cowen

On 2009.12.01 I attended a book forum at to hear Tom Palmer speaking about his book “Realizing Freedom: Libertarian History, Theory, and Practice.” This video showcases a few of questions posed to Palmer and commenter Tyler Cowen about threats to liberty, Agorism and the future of the libertarian movement.

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Brad Spangler on His Journey to Embracing Agorism


When rolling through Kansas the crew was able to connect with Brad Spangler, a self-described agorist. In this video Brad touches on his personal journey – from working within the to self-identifying as an and now embracing and advocating

For more with Brad, check out, and his personal blog, which has one of the coolest taglines around – “the bottom of the rabbit hole.”

A state-free wedding at Porcfest!

Jardis & Krueger State-Free Wedding at PorcFest 2012

I was at Porcfest for this wedding, but did not make it down to the pavilion. These two married each other without a license from the state! What are you thoughts on this?

The Agora at PorcFest 2011

One of the most exciting aspects of the Porcupine Freedom Festival (PorcFest) is the Agorism that takes place between those attending (Agorism is where all exchanges amongst individuals are done on a voluntary basis, without force). People from all over attend this liberty event each summer and more and more are coming to turn a profit – while providing a great example of a truly free market, almost by accident. This year there were people selling shirts, glass pipes, cigarettes, food and offering several other services/goods.

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