Nutritional Solution to Acne Problems.

My acne problems began in high school and became worse into my adulthood. Over the course of a decade I tried every method of solving this problem I could think of.  I took birth control, antibiotics, put on creams that made my face peel off, and makeup that made my skin look way gross.  I tried facial scrubs and washes and toners and creams and essential oils and masks.  Nothing made a difference, I was perpetually broken out and perpetually ashamed of my skin.  Then, I met Dr. Buckley.

Dr. Buckley taught me about my body chemistry and suggested I cut out gluten (wheat, barley and rye) and casein (hormone found in cows milk). It took a year and a half for me to finally stop craving cheese, but the struggle to change my diet was worth the effort.  For the first time in my adult life I have clear skin more often than not.  When I breakout its because of what I eat, plain and simple.

After thousands of dollars on products and a decade of feeling insecure about my skin, I never would have expected the answer to be so simple.  If acne is plaguing your life, try cutting out gluten and/or casein!  You’ll find gluten free cookies are waaaay better than the bad-for-you ones.  I can still eat goat cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, and cottage cheese without breaking out – one bite of pizza and everyone I see for a week will know by the welts on my face.

Stop pumping your body with pharmaceuticals and bad food!  Instead, cut out/decrease those food items that negatively effect your body  (casein, gluten, sugar) and pump yourself full of delicious fruits and veggies for lifelong vibrancy and health!  And, of course, don’t forget your vitamins!  Today’s food supply doesn’t provide us with enough nutrients!

(If you try this method and it works, please send before and after photos – if you try and fail, please leave a testimonial in the comments!)

Here are some photos of what my skin looks like when I eat cheese:


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